Monday, December 2, 2013


Dear Family,

Well, Thanksgiving was really good! I ended up not eating at the librarian's house, but with our good friend Sedrick, who is a 21-year-old recently reactivated member (and yes I spelled his name right). Sedrick recently opened up his tiny, one-bedroom apartment to a family of four that recently became homeless, so we all had thanksgiving together in Sedrick's tiny apartment! It was pretty great. All the food was really tasty. We have been teaching the family, and things are going very well with them. They have two little kids--a 5-month-old and a 23-month-old who are both absolutely adorable.

Our other investigators are still doing well. One of our most rapidly progressing investigators, Steven, is having difficulty getting off of work at Walmart to come to church. He is a very quiet shy person, so we went in to walmart to talk to his manager, Mizz Patty, for him. And it did NOT go well. She wasn't very happy about us coming in to talk to her. So we just smiled at her and held in our tears (just kidding) and wished her a good day and left. Its okay though--Steven is currently working three jobs so he seems pretty apt at finding work. Maybe he will quit the Walmart job at some point or something like that.

Things are good here in Texas. Thank you so much to Jordan's mom and family for dropping me off an AWESOME thanksgiving package! Thank you to Brother Minor for all your letters! I hope your marathon went / goes well! Thank you so much Vivi for writing my so much frequently than your husband!

Love you all!


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