Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference 2.0

Dear family,

So general conference was this week! (obviously.) It was way fun! Gracie and her daughters were able to make it to one of the sessions, and seemed to enjoy it. I hope that all of the women have seen or will soon take the time to see the priesthood session, because it was really good. Especially Elder Oaks talk, which declared that while women in the Church are not given priesthood keys or offices, they are in a very real and literal sense endowed with both priesthood power and authority--not just in regards to the temple endowment, but in regards to all church callings and other ordinances. I appreciated this definitive statement by Elder Oaks. 

Oh, another note from conference: that 70, Elder Aidukaitis (I do KYE cheess) was the same seventy who toured our mission a month or so ago! When the conductor announced that Aidukaitis would be speaking, all of us missionaries went "no way!" haha. 

Another interesting note: if you want to watch general conference in English at the Broadway building, you have to go to the Relief Society room, because the majority of the members who attened church at the broadway building are spanish speakers.

So in between sessions on Sunday I taught my first real lesson in Spanish. I speak spanish all the time to contact spanish speakers we meet on the street, but this was the first time I actually sat down and taught a lesson. It was fun! Just so everyone knows it wasn't on purpose--what happened was: we had set an appointment with a potential investigator from Honduras who seemed to be quite proficient in English, but when we got to the appointment, he had a friend there who spoke pretty much no English. So we went from teaching in English and translating as we went to just straight up teaching in spanish. Luckily one of the members that was with us also spoke spanish, because Elder Evans barely speaks at all. Anyway, so we will be handing Jean Carlos and his friend off to the spanish Elders.

There were a ton of great talks this conference: I particularly enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk and pretty much everything that came out of President Uchtdorf's mouth. 

Other than that--well it has been another fast week. The transfer is flying by. I feel like there were some other things I wanted to write about in my email today but by the time p-day rolls around I honestly can never remember anything. Its terrible. Anyway, I love you all very much!



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