Monday, March 31, 2014

My Visa!!

Dear family and friends,

I would like to announce that my visa has finally arrived!

not really. haha. Apparently Chase bank switched all their customers from Mastercard to Visa, so my Mom sent my new card to me in the mail (thanks mom!) Anyway so I had more fun than the situation warranted telling people that my visa had arrived in the mail. ha I'm so funny. Yeah now that I think about it, its a pretty dumb joke.

anyway. So we had to drop one of my favorite (they are all my favorite but this guy was especially interesting) investigators this week. His name is Alex. He is an energetic black guy with dreads who came into contact with the church a little over a year ago now and has read all of the standard works as well as the apocrypha and the dead sea scrolls. Alex thinks that he is a prophet. In our last Book of Mormon class, which we hold on Wednesday nights, Alex introduced himself by saying, "Hi my name is Alex...some people know me as the black Joseph Smith!" One of Alex's favorite pastimes is to get on metros and read passages from the Book of Mormon or the Bible (but especially the Book of Mormon) to the passengers of the metro at large. We have been trying to help Alex develop a testimony of the restoration of authority, but Alex believes that his lineage as a Hebrew Israelite entitles him to all the authority of the Melchizidech(sp?) priesthood. He also has trouble accepting the idea that the Law of Moses was fulfilled and is superseded by the higher law taught by Jesus Christ. He therefore has a hangup with the church's practice of observing the Sabbath on Sunday (the first or Lord's day) rather than on Saturday (the last day or Sabbath), among other concerns. anyway Elder Evans suggested we drop him because he has not been progressing at all, and while I really didn't want to, we decided it would be best to drop him for the time being. Dropping people is the worst.

On the bright side, Gracie and her daughters are still doing fantastically! They came to church for the third week in a row! and next week is General Conference, which ought to be a fantastic experience for them. Last week at church I had the opportunity to play the piano for the primary children during the last 20 minutes of church. Those kids are adorable. And Gracie's daughters, Melani and Mina LOVE primary. The children were preparing for Easter by practicing "Easter Hosanna." I had totally forgotten how beautiful that little song is.

Also there is a Brasileira living in one of the spanish wards here in Broadway. She is apparently marrying one of the guys from Broadway 2nd Ward. So I will have to find her next Sunday para praticar um pouco de Portugues com ela.

Love you all!


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