Monday, March 10, 2014

A Slow Week

Dear family,

So we had kinda a slow week. It was a great week--don't get me wrong--but for whatever reason from like thursday to saturday we had like twelve set appointments fall through, and it seemed like pretty much all of our backups led to nothing either. It was weird.

We did have a miracle on Sunday, however. We have been having trouble getting investigators to church--particularly our three most promising investigators. We invite them to church, they commit to church, we wait, they don't show. So this last week, I was determined to get someone to church. Normally this would mean going around to people's houses Sunday morning to personally invite them, but we had coordination sunday morning so we were stuck at the church. So I made a list of every investigator and less active that we could call to invite. It was about 15 people. Elder Evans and I called ALL of them. After we had made the calls, we were talking to a couple other missionaries (there are 5 sets of missionaries in the broadway ward...I know, crazy). Anyway, I told them I had called a bunch of people, and then I laughed and said that most likely none of them will show up. In response, one of the sister missionaries in our ward said something like, "where's your faith, elder?" That kinda hit me. I realized I had had hardly a hope of any of our investigators showing up. This thought echoed around my mind as the minutes rolled by. Finally, I was sitting in the chapel and sacrament was about to start and we had no investigators. The thought came to me that I had done pretty much all in my power to get investigators to church. Then I remembered that there was one thing I hadn't done: asked God. At least, I hadn't asked him since I had said my morning study prayer. So, I asked. I said a silent prayer in my heart. It seemed silly to ask so late, because the meeting was about to start.

The meeting started--no investigators. The meeting ended. I stood up from the pew, stretched and began to head out into the foyer when all of a sudden I noticed a black guy sitting in the pew right behind me. There are only like four black guys in our whole ward here in Broadway. It was our investigator Jkorry! (yes, he has a very black name). I couldn't believe it. Jkorry loved church. He stayed for Sunday school where we talked about prophets and participated a ton. It was great.

So. You gotta do all you can. But you also gotta have faith. And you have to ask. "ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. amen."

lots of love,


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