Monday, March 17, 2014

A Great Week!

Dear all,

This was a great week. Why? I don't really know. Our numbers weren't really any better than last week, which was disappointing. We are on the cusp of dropping a number of our investigators. So why was it a great week? Still not really sure, but here are some awesome things that happened this week:

1) We are teaching an awesome new family--a mother and her two daughters--who actually came to church this Sunday, the first time we invited them. There is no more definite sign of true interest than an investigator coming to church. And it feels so great to teach someone who is really, truly, genuinely interested. Instead of trying to generate interest, you just get to teach the gospel and watch the investigator embrace it with open arms. Gracie (the mother) is someone who is searching for truth. Teaching her and her daughters has been an absolute pleasure for the grand total of two lessons we've taught. 

2) I got to go on an exchange to the Northwest area. The area is just north of ours and lies pretty much right in the shadow of downtown houston. In other words, you can see the fantastic Houston cityscape from a majority of the area. I was with Elder Willey, who is a super cool guy. We had a blast. We also got completely SOAKED--to the bone--by a freak houston rainstorm. We were wet enough that we started riding our bikes through puddles and splashing water everywhere because we were just THAT soaked that we could not get any wetter--so why not ride through a puddle? Another awesome thing that happened on exchange was that we went to Shipley Do-nuts, which is THE doughnut shop of texas, and got kolaches and doughnuts. Yum.

3) yeah I really don't know what else happened, but like I said, it was a great week.

I love you all!

elder wilder

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