Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey Guys

hello everybody!

So Kelly Bradley is getting baptized this weekend! We are very excited. A few weeks ago we had an FHE with her at the Bishop's house where the bishop's son forced elder evans and I to play the flute and the cello together, and Sister Bradley apparently liked it because she requested we play at her baptism. So I will be playing the cello for a baptism mom, just so you know. We are going to be rehearsing today during pday (bishop's son is bringing his cello) so that should be a lot of fun.

I went on exchange this week with Elder Bock, who is like this big buff guy from cali. He's pretty cool. But unfortunately he crashed his bike while I was with him and now he can't move his wrist due to that's not good. Other than that though the exchange was fun and we even got a new investigator for northwest and committed him to baptism! and he showed up for church the next day!

In other news, I tried some of that mexican candy that is coated in spicy chile dust. those things are actually delicious!

Also, the family heirloom of a shoulder bag that justin gave to me is falling there such a thing as fabric glue? I will be looking for something along those lines at the store today.

I honestly never know what to put in these emails anymore....and I'm only like nine months into my mission. That's bad. Well. Rest assured that we are doing well and that stuff actually does happen in my life from week to week--I think I am just to braindead on monday to remember any of it.

Love you all! Hope you're treating the missionaries in your ward extra well in honor of me!



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