Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear family and friends,

Holy smokes this has been a crazy week. So I believe I mentioned in my last email that I went on exchange with an Elder Bock who ended up having a pretty bad bicycle accident. [ps sorry that I am emailing today, yesterday was memorial day and all the libraries were closed.] Anyways so it turns out that Elder Bock broke his wrist. Because he is no longer able to safely ride a bicycle, we were forced to have an emergency transfer wherein Elder Bock joined Elder Evans in my old area (which is equipped with a car) and I joined Elder Fata up in NW area. The catch is that Elder Fata is a brand new missionary, which means that I am training him! I'm, like, his step-dad I guess. Anyway, Elder Fata is a super awesome guy. He is Samoan and from Southern California. He laughs a lot, and eats a lot, and he used to power-lift so he is kinda huge. He works really hard, which is all anyone can really ask for in a companion. All around, Elder Fata is just an awesome guy.

NW area is RIGHT next to downtown--like, we can see the skyline from the majority of our area. I love it.

Oh, cool story: so last night just as we left P-day to start proselyting, it started POURING rain. We had a lesson scheduled with an investigator with a member coming as well, but we had to reschedule. We received a text message on our phone warning that the area was on flash flood watch. It was way cool. So we stayed in for a little while and ate dinner and watched as the waterline came closer and closer to our door. Luckily our apt didn't flood. When the rain slowed down and we headed outside, it was gorgeous--one one hand a ginormous rainbow and on the other the most ridiculously spectacular scarlet sunset. And then we rode over to Harrisburg road to find that it was practically a RIVER. Harrisburg is a large, busy road but at this point there was almost no one on it. We road straight down the middle of the road, trying to keep our tires right in between the two yellow lines because they marked the shallowest route, but even so, we were still riding through at least six to eight inches of water. The sides of the road were feet deep in water. It was pretty cool.

Kelly's baptism was on Saturday! It was great! I got to play the piano with an hermana for a spanish baptism at six and then I got to give a surprise talk on the Holy Ghost for the baptism at 7 and then play the cello. The service was fantastic. It was the most well-attended, and the most spiritually edifying baptismal services I have attended on my mission. Kelly's son Steven was able to baptize her. It was wonderful.

Well that's what I can remember from this week. Love you all!

elder wilder

oh btw I have lots of pictures, I just need to find my camera cord in my bags--I am not 100% unpacked yet because we have been busy busy busy but I will send pictures next week.

love yall!

oh btw. New address: 810 Fair Oaks Rd #79
Houston, TX 77023

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