Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Short Update

so today I had to spend a good portion of my computer time wrangling the wayward print system here at the local library because I had to print out some visa-related documents. So this letter probably won't be very long... So, a quick update on the visa:

Bad news, I will not be going to brasil for at least another transfer. I received word from church travel saying that my FBI clearance expired and that I need to redo it. Good news: Church travel said that they had actually received word from the consulate informing them specifically that my FBI clearance was expired. In other words: the brasilian consulate actually LOOKED at my application--like, it actually ended up on somebody's desk and they looked at it and saw that the FBI clearance was invalid. This is kind of a big deal, because as far as I know this is the first time my application made it so far as to be LOOKED AT. So, yeah. That's the good news.

It was kind of a slow week, unfortunately. But that is ok. We have big plans for this next week! We scheduled tons of members to come out with us this week when we were at church yesterday. So its going to be a good week. Elder Fata is doing great! 

Sorry I forgot my camera again....I know, I am the worst! I promise I send pictures next week! 

love yall


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