Monday, February 24, 2014

The Fakeout of the the Century

Hello family!

So I have had my share of visa-has-arrived fakeouts during my stay in Texas but this one was the best. Last thursday we found a message on our phone from Elder Cook, the guy who handles all the missionary finances. He said something to the effect of, "Hi Elders, I just wanted to let you know I put $35 on Elder Evans' MSF card for Elder Wilder [because I am a visa waiter I don't get my own card, my money is put on my companions card] Anyway, I know Elder Wilder is leaving on Monday so be sure to pull that money off for him." So Elder Evans and I were both like,

"WHATTTT?" As you can imagine this made it difficult to continue with weekly planning (though we did anyway.) That whole night I was, in the back of my mind, nervously awaiting a telephone call from president. Didn't come. The next morning at District meeting, the Assistants showed up at the church building. I went up to Elder Wright and said, "Elder Wright! Do you know anything about my visa?" "Yeah," he said, "Didn't you hear it came in?" "What?" "haha just kidding. Your visa hasn't come in, that's the french visa waiters who are leaving on Monday."

There are four parisian visa waiters who are probably at the airport right now preparing to board a plane. Apparently Elder Cook got me confused with them.

The good news is, though, that apparently my FBI clearance did come through this last week! So we are one step farther along in the process.

This week we taught a lot of lessons but found no new investigators...sad. but we did manage to find two lost sheep (this is geeky missionary lingo for a member of the church who for whatever reason has been inactive for years and has disappeared off the map as far as church records are concerned.) One of these lost sheep actually stopped US one day as we were walking down broadway and said, "Hey I need another one of those books!" Her name is Danni Porche, she is ex-military and pretty cool.

None of our investigators came to church :( but Sister Apolinar, the lady who was inactive for years after the death of her husband, came to church for the second time in a row this week! Yay!

thats about it. Love you all!


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