Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Week in the MTC!

Dear Family!

This week has flow by. Honestly the time has gone faster with each passing week, and now I have my reassignment, as you all know! I'm very excited to be going to Houston East--in fact I really don't think I would have it any other way even if I could. In answer to your question Mom, Yes I will be going to Houston with one Elder from my district, Elder Zendejas, who is an awesome elder. Only two people in our district (Elders Rogers and Graff) actually got their visas in time to head straight out to Londrina; the rest of the district is spread all over the country from vancouver washington to virginia.

In other news, I was stripped of my voice this week! I woke up one morning and it was almost completely gone. It has been getting progressively better each day, but in the meantime it has been sad to not be able to sing hymns and whatnot, or to sing them in a very limited and very gravelly bass.

Um there is not a ton more to say. I'm really excited to talk to you all! Let me know what numbers I should call at what times to actually be able to reach people while I'm in the airport. I don't know about that package, but that's not a big deal. I hope everyone is doing really well.

Somebody said at some point this week [and I jotted it down in my planner without providing a reference for myself]: "The day a missionary is happy is the day [s]he cares more about others than about him/herself." I think that is true not just of missionaries. What does it mean to follow the will of the Lord if not to love and serve others?

Talk to you soon! Love you all! Special thanks to Vivi, Grandma Hamblin, and Brother Minor, whose letters complete me.

Com amor,
Elder Wilder

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