Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 3-September 13, 2013

Dear Family,
Well it is week number 4! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for the letters and the package! I won't waste time trying to describe exactly how much they make my day, but there are two letters wheeling their way to Medford for you. The mangos and the chocolate were DELICIOUS.

So yes Mai, I will be leaving at the end of this month, and from the looks of it I will not be making it out of the states right away. I'm kinda excited though, as I have said before. They used to send pretty much all the reassigned missionaries to Salt Lake (which would be cool enough) but this last week we saw a wave of really cool reassignments. The ones I heard were: NYC south, Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston. All super cool missions. So you never know. 

Anna: Congrats on your volleyball games! Who cares if you don't win? You're still an awesome loser:) but seriously, you're a great athlete, don't worry about who wins or loses. BTW I am getting pretty professional at volleyball here at the MTC. It is my favorite exercise activity. I can bump, set, and spike like nobody's business. So be ready for me when I come back dude.

Rachel! Glad to hear you're enjoying school! I loved middle school. Just remember to look out for the kids that aren't as cool and quick-to-adjust as you. 

We could actually hear the cheers from the BYU UT game from the MTC campus as we tried to do language study. It was a little bit heart-wrenching. Hard to be so close to campus and yet so far away. And we saw the storm coming in from our fifth-story classroom window! It was interesting to watch. 

We get to host new missionaries next week which I guess means I'm starting to get to the tail end of my MTC experience. It has flown by.

Well, I am pretty much out of time! Love you all! 

Ate logo,

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