Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 2-September 6, 2013

Hi family!

I was a little worried when I logged on this morning to print out my emails and didn't see one from you guys! But I guess it was like 6am your time so that makes sense. This week has been great! People are right when they say that missionary life feels like both the longest and shortest experience of your life. (Does anyone say that? Well its true.) I have been here just over two weeks, but it feels like I am in some sort of time warp like in Bill Murray in Groundhog's day where I've been waking up and doing more or less the exact same routine for my entire life:

Wake up. Curse the alarm clock. Get in the shower. Bless the shower. Go to breakfast. Go to class. Study scriptures. Practice lessons. Go to lunch. Teach mock investigators. Exercise. Go to dinner. Study language. Get distracted. Get back on task. Pray. Pray. Pray. Hope for a letter or a dearelder (side note: I could probably handle a few more of those. Thank you Vivi for sending me one! It totally made my day! Also thank you once again to Brother Minor, to whom I owe about half all the letters I have received!)  Go to residence. Get ready for bed. Portugues prayer. English prayer. Blessed sleep. Cursed Alarm clock....

 At the same time, I can't believe I've already been here two weeks. I can't believe how much I've learned in that amount of time! I can't believe how much I still have to learn. The Portuguese is coming well! No word on visas, except to say that reassignment is a very regular part of life here (like breakfast or death). Personally I am excited at the chance of reassignment! We'll see what happens.

Rachel! Glad to hear you got into Algebra. Mr Dick is a very cool teacher huh? Middle school is fun. You are going to have a good year!

Mom I hope you are staying sane. Sounds like you all are very busy. Everybody had better treat Mom very well!

Hope Dad is doing well! Tell Justin congrats on his thing and it is about time he moves out.

Congrats to Anna on volleyball and whatnot! Hope her love life is simmering down a bit. (Anna are you posting this stuff on the blog? I hope you are not planning to edit anything;)

Oh and I need Sam (brother sam)'s address. I wrote him a letter.

I think I forgot my shoe-shining kit, so maybe Sam could send me one in a package? BTW just to shame y'all, Jordan's mom actually sent me a package while was in Provo dropping off her daughter. Between her, Brother Minor, and Vivi, I have to wonder: what is it with non-blood-relatives that makes them so much more apt to send me things? Is it something in the Wilder blood?  (In our defense, I think he received a package later that day!)

Hope you all are doing really well! I pray for all of you every night. 

I got a new sd card reader so we shall see if I can attach some pictures.

Elder Wilder

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