Monday, November 4, 2013

Keep Calm and Gospel On

Dear Family,

So I definitely enjoyed the time change as much as you did Mom. I realized when I woke up yesterday morning that fall daylight savings days are the ONLY two days during the entire mission where you are authorized to sleep for longer than 8 hours. So its pretty special.

This has been a somewhat harder week. Still good, but a lot of our investigators have been struggling and as missionaries we have been struggling to remain focused and purpose-driven. I guess this is a common thing right at the end of transfers (can't believe we are now on the last week of my first transfer!). Anyway, our investigators Brandon and Tyrin are practically not investigators anymore. Tyrin suddenly lost interest; Brandon's mother had a stroke, and so he's dealing with that. Another of our young investigators, Brittany (who is 13 years old) was caught smoking the other day. She lives with her Grandpa, and he yelled at her all day until she was so angry that she could barely talk to us when we came over. It was, however, really wonderful to see how a prayer and a brief lesson on the Gospel could help Brittany calm down a little bit. Later that day, our young friend Kennedy, who is not our investigator because her mother says she can't get baptized, but who often participates in our lessons and is probably the wisest ten-year-old I have ever met, asked if she could doodle on the back of my planner. I handed over the planner, and when I got it back it said, "Keep Calm and Gospel On." I thought that was pretty adorable.

On a bright note, Kalilah is getting baptized this Sunday! He's really nervous about it because he doesn't like being in front of lots of people, but other than that he is very ready for baptism. I'm really sorry I haven't sent any pictures Mom (no I haven't lost my camera), but I will be sure to take lots of pictures at the Baptism and then send you a bunch next Monday.

Have a great week everybody!


Elder Wilder 

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