Monday, November 11, 2013

Transfer Two!

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe it is transfer two already. The time is flying by. Our new companion, Elder Hendershot is an awesome guy. He's kinda goofy. As an example: this week we were walking through a parking lot, and Elder Hendershot pointed up at a building and said, "Hey let's go to Taco Barn!" We looked up at the building to find it was called, "Tobacco Barn."

So things are going well here in Liberty. We are having a little bit of a struggle getting Kalilah back on track after his setback last week. However, we started teaching his older brother Steven (who goes by a number of aliases, including but not limited to: phatcat, slowmotion, feecee, lil stevie.) Steven is a great guy; he wants to be baptized on the first of December, so hopefully he and Kalilah will both be ready by that date.

Other than that, our investigator, Anna, has been progressing a lot. We've had some great lessons with her this week; she is actually keeping commitments and has been seeing blessings in her life.

Hope everything is going well back home. I'm gonna miss y'all a lot come thanksgiving time!


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