Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Quick Story

Here is an excerpt from my email to president crawford this week. It sounds kinda smug the way its written but its a good story so here you go:

"Elder Kalilimoku and a member were in a lesson with an investigator family, so Elder Hendershot and I spent an hour tracting out the surrounding apartment complex. We had gotten some good results and were feeling pretty good about ourselves and our work by the time we reached the end of the hour. It was starting to get dark as we walked back to our car to meet Elder Kalilimoku and the member that was out with us. Although it was already six o'clock (our prearranged meeting time), Elder Kalilimoku was still in the lesson. We felt prompted, rather than going and sitting in the car, to knock just a few more doors. We knocked three with no success. Then we knocked the last door (in fact, probably the only door in the whole apartment complex that we had yet to knock on) and it opened. The lady who opened the door was very receptive to our message. After a few minutes of talking to us, she said she recognized us. She said she had seen us in traffic the other day. All the sudden we remember: This was the same lady that we had waved to and let into our lane on the street a few days ago. In fact, both of our windows had been down so we even said hi to her (on a busy street no less). At the time we thought we were just been kind (and goofy). Little did we know that we would tract into her a few days later and that she would be so receptive to the gospel. We returned the next day at the time we had appointed and had a wonderful restoration lesson with her. She is an avid reader, and was incredibly excited to "dig in" to the Book of Mormon to find out for herself if it was true. This is the first time I have ever taught an investigator like this. I am very glad that Elder Hendershot and I decided to follow the prompting to knock just a few more doors rather than sitting in the car and waiting."

love y'all!

Happy birthday Anna! And Sam! Let me know if you get my card.

com amor,


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