Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Dear family and friends,

It SNOWED! In Texas! Well, kinda. I mean, I didn't actually see it happen and the amount of snow on the ground was so minute that it could have been some sort of crystaline dew formation but we're in Texas so this is very exciting! We have had some very cold days here this past week. Freezing cold. One day for morning exercise we went to play basketball and I slipped on a patch of black ice...but the cold here is different. Degrees-wise it doesn't get that low, but the air is so full of moisture that it feels like -- I'm not feeling creative enough to make a good comparison, but it feels very cold.

The work has been going well with the Young family (the widow and her daughter who we recently found). They came to church yesterday even in spite of a flat tire! Things have also been going well with Keith and Deidra. It has been fascinating getting to know Keith better and realizing that he spent most of his life trying to turn people away from religion. He told us that once, in his youth, he left a party to go throw stones at a catholic church building (stoned out of his mind, according to his own description). He also used to give mormons a really hard time--there was one mormon in particular, a co-worker of his, that he harrassed for years to the point of ostracization (is that a word?); he feels terrible about this now. It seems that it was really fatherhood that caused him to begin looking into religion again. Now we are just focusing on trying to help him build a relationship with Heavenly Father. Anyway its incredible to see this kind of metamorphosis. Keith is a wonderful man.

I feel as though the moment I get transferred from Liberty, we will probably have about twenty baptisms. No worries though. If that happens, President will most likely let me come back and see them.

That's all for this week. Love you all!


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