Tuesday, January 14, 2014

(Title Pending)

Dear Family,

I don't really know what to title this email. We have had ups and downs this week. Things are going pretty wonderfully with Valarie (the lady we found via last week's miracle story). PS she makes jewelry and sells it on Etsy so if anybody's interested in buying some I'll dig up her username. She would probably appreciate it. Anyway, Valarie is wonderfully literate and intelligent and seems to strive to follow God in her life. She has been doing a great job reading the Book of Mormon and we had a wonderful lesson with her in the chapel on Saturday after doing a church tour. Unfortunately, she didn't make it to church. She is somewhat reclusive and also suffers from insomnia, so either or both of those may have been a factor.

Things are still going well with Steven. I love him. Everything he says, he thinks about. When he gives prayers for example, there will sometimes be 10 to 15 second moments of silence--if you didn't know him, it would be funny, but really he is just very thoughtful about the things he says. Unfortunately Steven is also struggling to make it to church because of a work conflict. Hopefully he will be at church next week!

I tried to send Anna a happy birthday card...sorry anna! For Christmas someone in our ward gave us these little notes that fold in on themselves to become really tiny envelopes. But apparently the US postal service doesn't like them because the mini-happy birthday I sent to Anna wound up back in our mailbox a few days ago. So, happy birthday anna! and you too Sam! hope your birthdays were swell!

Other than that, things have been good here in Liberty. Hope y'all have a great week!



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