Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Whoa I forgot that I hadn't written home about Christmas! It seems like forever ago.

Well, my Christmas was fantastic! It turns out you don't need your family to have a great Christmas! haha just kidding, I missed you all a ton, and loved getting to talk to you over skype. But we are all brothers and sisters in God yes? So I spent Christmas with family, and it really was pretty great.

For Christmas eve we went to this really fancy house (the Jamisons) and ate beef tenderloin. When Sister Jamison served dessert, she dished out the plates one at a time and I noticed that everyone waited till the last person had gotten some dessert before they started eating. Everyone, that is, except for Elder Hendershot, who upon receiving his slice of cake promptly took a healthy bite. This KILLED me.

On Christmas morning we had a hearty morning exercise that consisted of removing the wrapping paper from our presents. Thanks for all the presents everybody! Then we went to the Waddells for most of the day. I got to open some more presents, cook, play guitar, play catch, and play boardgames. It was a great day. I played a lot of guitar. Like. my fingers blistered. And I got to talk to y'all, which was the best part of the whole day.

Then after Christmas was over we got right back to missionary work and I kinda forgot all about it until I started writing this email.

hope everyone had an amazing christmas!

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